Motor Control Centers (MCC)

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Typical ratings include:

Voltage: 380VAC to 600VAC

Options for customization are endless.

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  • Fixed or withdrawable.
  • Lighting panel and transformer built within or shipped loose.
  • Built in Marshaling Panels.
  • Built in HRG Pulsing System.
  • Built in fixed or withdrawable mains.

Construction Types:

  • Full Voltage Nonreversing (FVNR) aka Direct Online (DOL)
  • Full Voltage Reversing (FVR)
  • Solid State Starters
  • Auto Transformers Starters
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Main Bus Bar Current and Short Circuit Withstand as needed

Code Compliance

  • ANSI or IEC
  • Can be made compliant with codes anywhere globally such as:
    • CSA for Canada
    • CE for Europe
    • AS for Australia
    • DNV certification for marine environments, ships, and the oil & gas industry